India Trip Day 13 / Dinner At Spice Route In The Imperial, Delhi

インド旅行13日目、この日は Bangla Sahib Gurdwara を見学し終わって少し早めの時間(はっきり覚えていませんが、多分5時過ぎではなかったかと思います)にホテルに戻り、ホテルのテラスレストランで冷たいものを飲んだあと夕食の時間までお部屋で休憩しました。

India Trip Day 13.  After visiting Bangla Sahib Gurdwara, we went back to the hotel relatively early – maybe about 5.00pm or a little later? -, had a cold drink at their terrace restaurant and rested in our room until dinner time.

夕食は、宿泊していた The Imperial のアジア料理のレストラン「Spice Route」を予約していました。この時は知りませんでしたが、このレストランの内装は古い寺院を解体したものを使っているそうです。翌日、ホテルのアートツアーに参加したときにもっと写真を撮っているので別にまた少し書きたいと思いますが、とてもユニークなレストランでした。

We had made a booking at “Spice Route” in the Imperial for this evening.  It’s an Asian food restaurant.  We didn’t know when we were having dinner but we learned on the following day at the hotel’s Art Tour that the materials they used to decorate this restaurant were from an old temple.  As I took more photos at the Art Tour, I’ll write more about the restaurant when I write about the tour.  It was certainly a very unique place.













First they served us some complimentary prawn crackers and dips/sauces.



We ordered Vietnamese spring rolls, which were very nice but I have a feeling they didn’t seem very Vietnamese.  Maybe because of the wrappers, which seemed more Chinese than Vietnamese.



Massaman Curry.  It was good but we could taste Indian spices much more than what we’ve had in Thailand or what I learned at a cooking class.  It is a type of curry you use Indian spices like cardamom but usually it’s more subtle.  Here, it was quite strong.



I think this was stir-fry of tofu and bamboo shoots but I cannot remember if we liked it or not.



We also had Green Papaya Salad.  I think again it didn’t taste very Thai but it was enjoyable.




So we basically ordered Thai, and though some didn’t seem very authentic Thai, I think they all tasted good.






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