Rava Dosa – Lunch At Tanglin Mall

ずいぶん前になりますが、パキスタンご出身のお友達にタングリンモールのフードコートのベジタリアンのインド料理のお店のラヴァ・ドーサ(Rava Dosa)が美味しいと教えていただいて、2、3度食べたことがあったのを思い出して、今日夫とランチに行ってみました。改装されているので同じお店なのかどうかはわからないのですが。

It’s been many years since then but a friend of mine who was originally from Pakistan once took me to the vegetarian Indian stall in the food court in Tanglin Mall and introduced me to Rava Dosa.  I had it a few times but it’s been a long time since I had it last and my husband and I had lunch there today.  The food court has been renovated since I was there last so I don’t know if it’s the same stall but they do have a vegetarian Indian place in the same position.


The one closer to you is Rava Dosa with potato filling.  You can order without any filling or some different fillings.


I thought we may get tired of having just Rava Dosa so we also had Vegetable Biriyani & Korma and shared.


Sadly, the Rava Dosa wasn’t crispy like I had before, it was much softer.  I’d forgotten that this friend was requesting to them to make it specially crispy.  It was nice enough but it would have been much nicer if it were crispy.  I must remember to request that next time.


The curry sauce was very nice, but my husband said “it has a strange taste.”  I didn’t know what that strange taste can be then but I noticed that I could taste curry leaves in my mouth much later very strongly, so maybe that’s what he doesn’t like.  I love curry leaf flavour.  On the other hand, I thought the Biryani tasted like mint and didn’t like it very much.  I don’t think it’s actually mint, it’s probably some spice that taste like mint.  My husband liked it, though.


I also had a young coconut juice!  I often have it if we are in a resort in Thailand.  (I’ve tried coconut juice in tins but it was disgusting.  I read that some are better than others but I only tried one.)  I like it only when it’s chilled and  has strong sweet taste and this one was both very cold and sweet.





Dosa & Biryani were a little more than S$10 in total, the coconut juice was S$4.



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