Vegetable Curry


With my husband’s request, I cooked Vegetable Curry for tonight’s dinner.  I thought we had it only just the other day but it has been a month already since we had it last time.  I used carrot, onion, red pepper, potato, Japanese sweet potato (much drier and sweeter than western ones), Japanese pumpkin (kabocha, again much less wet and sweeter), broccoli, tin tomato.  As well as using Japanese curry roux, I added some cumin seeds, cumin powder, coriander powder, Chicken Masala (that we bought in Delhi), garam masala (that we bought in Delhi).  I add some ketchup and mango chutney to add a little sweetness – just a little.


The last time I used just a tea spoonful of Chicken Masala but it wasn’t enough so today I added a heaped table spoonful.




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