Flower Class

今日は、月に1度行っている Carpo でのお花のレッスンでした。いつものように大きな花束ではあるのですが、「今日はフレンチ・チューリップ(茎が長い)が手に入ったので、いつものスパイラルのブーケではなく、ちょっと違ったことをしてみましょう。ブーケ・オブリークという花束を作ってみましょう。」とのことで、初めてのスタイルの花束を作りました。

This morning, I took my monthly flower class at Carpo.  Although it was a large bouquet lesson, it was a different style from usual spiralled one.  The teacher wanted to me to learn something different as she was able to obtain long stemmed tulips (French tulips), which are suitable for this style.


As you don’t put them together with the spiral fashion and many of the flowers had quite thick stems you cannot hold all of them in one hand, so you need to tie it together when it becomes too large to hold, then add more where necessary.  I’m not good at taking the leaves off the tulips and I cut through the stems of about 5 of them whilst doing this, but I’m happy that I was able to make the bouquet without too much problem.  It’s a very large bouquet and hard to take photos of but it really is beautiful.  I’m looking forward to seeing the tulips opening up.


A friend of mine came to the class for the first time (with her friend), she didn’t know I was there today and I didn’t know she was coming, so it was a nice surprise!
















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