We went to Nanbanyaki because I thought they have a lot of vegetable sticks.  We usually order a la carte but today we ordered 2 Vegetarian Course and added a few other dishes.

ベジタリアンのコースは、茄子と玉ねぎを撮り忘れていますが、アスパラガス、しいたけ、ししとう、ギンナン、おくら、ねぎ、なす、玉ねぎ、の12本と 、サラダ巻、デザート(白玉ぜんざい)。

Vegetarian course had Salad-maki (sushi with cucumber & Japanese mayo), asparagus, shiitake mushroom, shishito (Japanese green pepper), ginko nut, okra, leek, aubergine and onion and a dessert (Azuki beans & shiratama).  (I seem to have forgotten to take photos of aubergine and onion.)



We also ordered Edamame, Garlic rice (2, no photo), Croquette (2), Butabara Yuzukosho, Tomato-maki and Okra-maki.  We also wanted to have Gyoza but they were out.









As I thought young people  need to eat more than we do, I think we ordered more than we usually do and wondered if I’d ordered too much when we were halfway through the vegetarian course, but we did finish all so I guess it was just about right.  We had 5 bottles of beer and the total bill was S$198 – S$50 per person sounds very reasonable to me.   Their vegetarian course is S$32, which seems inexpensive for what you get.  It looks like it’s supposed to be for 1 person (we ordered 2 for 4 plus other items) but I think it’s enough for 2 persons if you order a couple of other items.


14 Scotts Road #05-132,
Far East Plaza







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