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甥っ子は長い休暇中、ですが、フリーランスで時々仕事をしていて今日は1日仕事とのこと。わたしは今日は何も予定がなかったので、甥っ子のガールフレンドとサクッとランチに出ました。ベジタリアンもメニューにある、「Common Man Coffee Roaster s」に久しぶりに行ってみました。

Although our nephew is on a long vacation, he does some freelance work and he is working all day today.  I didn’t have anything on today, so I took his girlfriend out for a quick lunch.  As there are some vegetarian dishes on their menu, we went to “Common Man Coffee Roasters”.

姪っ子のガールフレンドは、「Quinoa Salad with Grilled & Crispy Kumara, spinach, coriander, mint, goats cheese & honey-raisin yoghurt (クマラのグリルとチップス、ほうれん草、コリアンダー、ミント、ゴートチーズ、はちみつ&レーズンヨーグルトのキヌアサラダ)。美味しいとのことでしたが、甘い味付けだとのことでした。クマラも蜂蜜&レーズンヨーグルトも甘めですもんね。

The girlfriend of our nephew had “Quinoa Salad with Grilled & Crispy Kumara, spinach, coriander, mint, goat cheese & honey-raisin yoghurt”.  She said it was very nice although quite sweet.  Kumara is sweet and honey-raisin yoghurt sounds sweet, so I guess it’s a sweet salad, which goes with goat cheese.


わたしは以前も食べた、「Cold Buckwheat Soba Noodles Salad, with green papaya, asparagus & toasted seeds」(グリーンパパイヤ、アスパラガス、炒ったシード類入りの冷たいそばのサラダ」。かぼちゃの種の食感がよく、甘酸っぱい味付けで美味しいです。ただ、日本のふりかけが入るのですが、これはいらないなと思います。今日は以前より多く入っていたようで、磯臭さが気になりました。また行ったら、抜いてもらおうと思います。

I had “Cold Buckwheat Soba Noodles Salad with green papaya, asparagus & toasted seeds.  The pumpkin seeds were nice and crunchy and I quite like the dressing, which is sweet and sour.  The only thing is that they use Japanese Furikake powder and I’d rather not to have it.  I don’t mind it if it’s just a little but I think today they used more than beore and I found it a little fishy.




When we were trying to find a cab after lunch, we heard thunder and it started to rain heavily soon after we got home.  It seems that it rains heavily from around the same time every day for the last few days.

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