Japanese Hot Pot (Nabe)


Today’s dinner was Nabe (Japanese Hot Pot).  Although our nephew’s girlfriend is a vegetarian, she is OK to compromise when necessary and OK with things like soup stock and fish sauce type of things, so I did make mince chicken balls for the rest of us, but it was mostly vegetables and I prepared more vegetables than we usually have.  Our usual lettuce, carrot, tofu and also shimeji mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, morning glory, and bean sprouts.  I also bought some Japanese glass noodles but we were all too full to have them.  I make the sauce by mixing some sesame paste, store-bought Japanese sesame shabu shabu sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, mirin, and garlic to which we each added some coriander leaves, green onions, red pepper, and yuzu-kosho according to our taste.


I meant to take a photo or two after we started eating from further back but forgot completely, so this is the only photo of the dinner.


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