Jamie’s Italian

夕食を作るのが面倒になったらしく、夫の提案でまたまた Jamie’s Italian に行きました。最近、このパターンが多いような。。。

I guess my husband felt too lazy to cook dinner tonight, he suggested Jamie’s Italian for dinner.  It seems to happen often these days…



Shared San Daniel Ham plate.



Then Pizza Toscana.  A little too much sauce and a bit too salty for me.



Brownie for dessert.  Very sweet, very rich.  Too rich for me but my husband enjoyed it.  I liked it when we had it before, I don’t know if it’s changed or I changed.  I think there was more popcorns before, though.



We also had a carafe of red wine and a bottle of sparkling water.  My husband received S$60 discount voucher from the restuarant booking website “Chope”, so the bill was S$74.

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