Cream Stew


I was talking about Cream Stew with a friend the other day.  I made it only once in my life (I thought it was maybe about 6 months ago but it was actually a year and a half ago, really??).  It wasn’t something my Mum cooked and I used to hate any dairy so it’s not in my repertoire, I just don’t think of it.  We did enjoy it when I made it last time so I decided to make it today but I used ready made Japanese roux that you just add at the end like Japanese curry.


I used chicken thigh, bacon, Japanese sausage, carrot, potato, onion, Shimeji mushroom, Kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) and cabbage.  I cooked extra so we can have it tomorrow for lunch (as my husband’s office is closed) or my husband can take it to the office on Wednesday.


I followed a Japanese recipe from online – you cook chicken separately, add some cream to the chicken and mix it with all the other ingredients cooked in water.  You then add some milk.  I added white wine, bay leaf and nutmeg.  The liquid is about 70% water, 20% milk and 10% cream.


It was nice enough but I think it’s probably better to make the sauce from scratch.  Still, using store-bought roux makes it less work and tasted good enough.









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