Cheese Fondue


We are now into May.  I feel I wrote “It’s already April” just the other day, but now 1/3 of the year has gone.


It’s in the middle of “The Golden Week” in Japan, many people have a whole week or 10 days off, the time of year I used to look forward to.  You see all sorts of flowers everywhere and the green is luscious and such a lovely time of year in Japan.  On the other hand, it’s the hottest time in Singapore.  May and June are probably the hottest months and it doesn’t get cool (relatively, that is) days until September.  I wish we could get away…


It was a public holiday today so we had Cheese Fondue for dinner.  My husband loves Cheese Fondue and he often wants to have it but we tend to have it on Fridays when we don’t go out as it takes longer to eat and has a feel of a special dinner.   As usual, we had it with boiled new potatoes, carrot, Parma Ham and Salad.










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