Watercolour Painting

久しぶりに、水彩絵の具で遊んでみました。Youtube で拝見している Jay Lee さんビデオを見ながら描いてみましたが筆の先がまとまらなかったりバランスが悪く、嫌気がさして最後まで描かず。が、乾いたら思っていたよりはまし。Jay Lee さんのように描けたらどんなに楽しいだろうと思います。元々の感覚的なもの以外にも、色の出し方や水の量だけでなく、あれだけ上手に筆を扱うようになるにはやはり練習を重ねるしかないのだろうと思います。何ヶ月も筆を触らないようでは、上達しないのも当然ですね。

I played with watercolour yesterday after not painting for a long time.  I painted this watching Jay Lee’s video on Youtube but I sort of get fed up with how I wasn’t able to make points with my brush and how unbalanced the painting looked, I gave up before the end.  It looks better than it looked once it was dried, though.  It would be so much fun if you can paint like Jay Lee but I suppose you cannot get there without practice.  As well as what you are born with, you do need to practice to be able to learn how much water to use, which colours to mix and to be able to use a brush like he does.  You cannot expect to be happy with the result if you don’t practice for months….



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