Ribeye Steak (With Sous Vide, Anova)


Last night’s dinner my husband cooked was Ribeye Steak using Anova (Sous Vide), we haven’t done that for a little while.  We decided that American Ribeye was the best after trying different beef, so that’s what we used yesterday.


White asparagus from Germany was available so we used some for a starter. Although I like them with poached egg I find it too filling for a starter when the main is heavy, and using Hollandaise sauce that is supposed to be the best is too heavy and too strong and kills the taste of asparagus in my humble opinion, so we had it very simply with salt, pepper and lemon juice after steaming them in a Chinese bamboo steamer for 8 minutes. They were yummy.




Plates ideal for asparagus!



We didn’t look to see how many grams but each steak was very large, probably about 300g.  It was tender and had great flavour.  The sauce was red wine, pink pepper and cream sauce.  The side dish is roasted vegetables – potato, peppers, Brussels sprouts & parsnip -, which were also delicious.




Although we thoroughly enjoyed it, it was very large so I left about a half and my husband also left some.  We used most of it for today’s lunch (steak sandwich) and the rest will be used for another sandwich for my husband for work on Monday.

Huber’s に行ったので、Tete de Moine を買いました。写真に写ってはいませんが、ずっと探しているアボンダンスはなかったので代わりによく似た Tomme de Savoie も買いました。

As we went to Huber’s for the beef, we also bought “Tete de Moine” cheese. Not in the photo but we also bought “Tomme de Savoie”, which is similar to Abondace, which I love but cannot find.



The bouquet is looking beautiful, which makes the table look very pretty.

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