Alcohol Ink Background


Recently, making backgrounds with alcohol ink on Yupo paper has been very popular in card making world.  Alcohol ink was popular some years ago but seems to have come back.  A selection of alcohol ink order arrived the other day so I tried this technique last night.


It’s very quick to make so I would have liked to try more but I found the smell quite unpleasant and also I only have 10 sheets of Yuppo paper, I stopped after 5 sheets.  It didn’t work as I wanted it to – the colours mixed too much or too little and alcohol ink came out too much in one go, I found it hard to manipulate the colours.  Like many other things, it looks so easy when someone is showing how on a video but it’s not so easy…



My husband loved this one and is now using it as a wallpaper on his phone.  It is rather nice when you fill the screen with it.






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