Dinner This Weekend


We had a very heavy rain yesterday.  It does rain heavily here often but maybe I thought it was specially heavy because I happened to be out with my husband.  In a taxi in the heavy rain, I was remembering the time when I took a taxi to get to a wine class but there was some flooding in various places and I was not able to reach the destination and ended up coming home in the same taxi about an hour later.


I didn’t upload the dinner last night, so I will here with tonight’s dinner, both cooked by my husband.


Chicken Breasts With Wild Mushroom And Bacon Stuffing And Marsala Sauce – Delia Smith’s.








Tonight’s dinner was pasta with Spicy Italian Sausage Sauce.  Original recipe is from a cooking class that I attended but I think my husband cooks this one much more often than I do recently.  It’s a tomato sauce with some spicy Italian sausages with a little cream.









This weekend has gone fast again, but Tuesday is a holiday in Singapore, so just one day tomorrow and we’ll have another day off on Tuesday.



My husband seems to have come down with a cold yesterday.  I also had a cold a few weeks ago but it was quite a light cold.  It looks like his one isn’t so bad either so far….





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