I forgot to upload the lunch we had yesterday.  We wanted to go to a couple of places in Plaza Singapura so we had lunch at NamNam there.  My husband loves their Vietnamese sandwiches, he loves their bread.  We always have deep-fried Vietnamese spring rolls (yesterday we made a mistake and ordered a vegetarian version but we usually have the ones with prawns), a Vietnamese sandwich (we had chicken, egg & floss sandwich but we asked them not to put floss in and I took egg out of my half – their egg is too strong for me) and either Chicken Pho or Spicy Noodles With Pork Balls.  Yesterday we had spicy noodles with pork balls and it was much more spicy than usual.  We even picked out most of the fresh red chillis but it was still really spicy!  (The photo is what I uploaded on my Instagram.)





One of the reasons why we went to Plaza Singapura was to buy some embroidery threads but they have very small selections and I couldn’t find any colours I wanted.  I guess I have to wait until I go back to Japan…



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