Upper Place

久しぶりにお目にかかるお友達とランチをご一緒しました。Wangz Hotel というブティックホテルの5階のこじんまりとしたレストラン。

I had lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen for a few months at Upper Place in a boutique hotel called Wangz Hotel.



We both had lunch set.  I chose corn soup for a starter (it was supposed to be a pumpkin soup but changed to corn soup today).  It was so sweet I wondered if there is some sugar or it was made of tin of cream corn but I may be completely wrong and it just happened to be very sweet corns they used.  Anyway, the texture was very nice and smooth, seasoning just right and the topping was crunchy and nutty and I enjoyed it.



My friend had a Garden Salad.



Then for the main she had Pasta with Crab and told me it was good.  I don’t know if I like sprouts on top of a pasta dish but is it a new trend?



I chose Corn Beef Hash.  I wasn’t able to eat the corn beef – very tough and too gamy for me so I had potato and egg.  It’s not that I decide not to eat, it’s that my throat closes up when meat is too gamy.  If it were a little too salty or a little under seasoned or not quite my taste, I can still eat some.  Not in this case.  As I left all the pieces of corn beef the staff asked if I wanted something else.  In this situation, I usually decline because I’m afraid of having something else and not liking it either, it’ll make it even more awkward.



They had only 2 choices for dessert.  One was cheese cake, which I don’t like, so I chose Panna Cotta, but it was too creamy taste to me.  I can enjoy it if it has some sauce but on its own too creamy.  My friend didn’t seem to like it either and left most of it.  The texture was very nice, though.



The presentations were all very nice and it’s S24 (++) including tea or coffee so it’s very inexpensive.  This friend had been there and liked it before so I think it depends on the day’s menu.  If it’s good, it is such a good value.  Shame it wasn’t today.


My friend kept apologising to me, which made me feel very bad as it wasn’t her fault.  In Singapore, in my experience, this happens so many times.  One day you go to a restaurant and you have a very nice meal, then when you go back with a friend it’s not good.  Honestly, I cannot name even one restaurant in Singapore that I visited many times and consistently good.  It’s something we have to accept that the restaurant you liked yesterday may not be as good today.

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