Family Lunch


Here is a collage of photos of the lunch I had (fish and seafood was changed to chicken and some other ingrediants for me) with my family at “Wabisuke” ( a soba restaurant) in Ashiya after the chanting  by a monk as a memorial of my Mum (it’s the 3rd year after her death now) on Sunday.  My husband also attended both the memorial event and the lunch as he arrived late on Saturday night from Singapore.




The seasonings were a little stronger than what we would usually use but we enjoyed it nevertheless.


They were forcasting that a typhoon would come close enough to our area and bring a lot of rain but fortunately it passed further away than they expected so we didn’t have much rain after all.


I’ll be flying back to Singapore on a night flight on Thursday, so I have only 2 days left in Japan.  As the above memorial event was the major reason why I came back this time and there were a couple of errands I needed to do I didn’t really have time to see any of my friends, but I’m glad I have had a couple of days to spend with my family.  I have been eating too much every day, though……

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