1st Day In Japan



A few days have already passed since I arrived in Japan.  It has officially gone into “the rainy season” in this area in Japan and it’s quite humid but it’s still more comfortable than in Singapore and I can walk around.  Wherever I walk, I see beautiful hydrangeas, which are the flowers I associate with rainy season in Japan.


苦手な夜便で朝到着したので、早速お昼に出かけました。よく行く「2代目 来たろう」に行く予定で忘れず定休日ではないのも確認して(行ったら定休日だったり臨時休業、ということが多いので)行ったのにも関わらず、まさかの臨時休業(涙)。仕方なく、「ひかりや」で焼きそばとソバメシを食べました。わたしたちには少し味が濃過ぎますが、美味しかったです。

I arrived in the morning so we went out for lunch on my first day.  We were going to Nidaime Kitaro (Okonomi-yaki restaurant that we like).  As we often seem to go to a restaurant on a closing day, we did make sure it wasn’t their closing day before we left home, but it was closed for a special closing day…  So we went to a restaurant called “Hikariya” and had Yaki-soba & Soba-meshi.  It was a little too salty (with the sauce) for us but we still enjoyed them.





We then went to “Metzgerei Kusuda” in Ashiya and bought a few sausages, smoked roasted beef, Sauerkraut, stewed lentils & potato salad for a simple dinner.  As it’s not very enjoyable to cook in someone else’s kitchen, instead of cooking meals (though I usually do cook one or two dinners), I take my family out for a meal or buying this sort of things or getting pizza delivered as my contribution.







Incidentally, I forgot to bring my proper camera with me.  I asked my husband to bring it but he tells me he cannot find it anywhere!  Hummm…  I do remember putting my camera in a camera case but cannot remember what I did with it after that.  I guess I’ll find it somewhere unexpected.




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