Bouquet of Thoughts


A friend of mine sent me a message saying she was going to bring something over, so I was going to go down to the lobby.  When I was waiting for the lift she came out of one of them with a large bouquet of flowers!  I was thinking, “It’s not my birthday, I wonder why….”  She told me that it was for my Mum as she knew we had her 3rd year memorial the other day.   This friend and I started going to the same flower class but she’s taken a few diploma courses and is now able to make beautiful bouquets and arrangements.  She is always very humble and told me she would have asked our teacher to make one but the teacher is away on holiday so she had no choice but to do it herself.  I loved the bouquet even more because she made it!  And the choices of flowers is just what I love – so beautiful.  I felt a little tearful from appreciation of her kindness and thoughtfulness.





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