Osaka Kitchen



We went to Osaka Kitchen for dinner today.  Cucumber marinaded in hot chilli oil, baked Camembert, baked Goma Tofu (2 orders), square cut steak (Japanese Ohmi beef), Sobameshi & Butatama (okonomi-yaki).  Just the goma tofu made me feel quite full!  My husband wanted a whole order each but I think it was too much – next time we’ll have just 1 order between us I think.  Baked Camembert is something easy to do at home but I guess men don’t think that way, my husband loves it and wanted it.  Everything except the cucumber is very filling and I couldn’t even manage my share of the beef – my husband was happy to help.  We had 3 draft beers and the bill was S$180.

Both my husband and I love this sort of restaurant, where you eat at the counter, but I don’t think they exist in England, do they?  I’m sure we’ll miss these places when we move to England.




Osaka Kitchen
4F Wisma Atria
435 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238877

Tel:+65 6262 3271





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