Dim Sum At Cassia At Capella Hotel


I had lunch with 2 friends.  One of them wanted to try Dim Sum at Cassia at Capella Hotel.  She’s also lived in Hong Kong so she is probably trying to find good dim sum restaurants in Singapore – which isn’t easy.  I personally think their Dim Sum tastes good although they don’t have many items on the Dim Sum menu and their style is not traditional.


I took my big camera with me but found out the battery was gone…. so the photos were taken with my iPhone.


Amuse was a petite tomato (stuffed with caviar for others).  I think this has been the same for years.



We ordered BBQ pork from the appetizer menu, it was OK but not great.  Those who have had good BBQ pork in Hong Kong cannot be satisfied easily, I guess.



Prawn dumpling, Crystal dumpling (vegetable, mushroom & truffle) and BBQ pork buns (with gold powder!).



I’ve seen lots of dim sum with gold leaves but this is the first time to see it with gold powder and a lot of it.  We didn’t feel it looked appetizing to be honest… It tasted good, though.





Chinese rice flour crape – I don’t know how to describe it.  It had some deep-fried crispy spring roll skin inside, which is very unusual.  The sauce wasn’t sweet like we expected from our experiences in Hong Kong, it was more soy saucy.  It was quite different from what we expected.



I didn’t eat this but it was deep-fried cod in Tofu skin.



We had Mapo Tofu a few months ago together in Sichuan Dou Hwa and enjoyed so decided to try Mapo Tofu here.  It was completely different. It was slightly sweet, quite salty but not very spicy, not something we expected.  I think it tasted OK if you don’t think its Mapo Tofu but we were disappointed as we wanted spicy one.  Maybe we should have asked for Sichuan peppers.


So, we decided to go to Sichuan Dou Hwa to have their Mapo Tofu soon!





We had Pu Er Tea and the total bill was S$160 for 3.  It always surprised me how reasonable dim sum is in these posh restaurants in Singapore.  We enjoyed most of what we had and were very full.


Capella Hotel
1 The Knolls, Sentosa Island, 098297

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