Cheese & Salad

義弟家族は、今日からしばらくマレーシアに遊びに行ったので、今日は夫と2人の夕食でした。義弟夫婦から「イギリスからほしいものがあったら連絡してね。」と言われたので、Neal’s Yard Dairy のオンラインショップでオーダーして義弟夫婦の家に届けてもらい、2人に持ってきてもらいました。デリバリーについてはトラブルがありましたが、なんとか2人が出発する日に届けられて手元に届きました。思っていたよりずっと量が多くて(笑)、重かったと思います。

My brother-in-law, his wife & his daughter left for Malaysia for a holiday this morning for a week so we are back to just two of us today.  Before coming out to stay with us they asked us if there was anything we wanted them to bring from England so we made an online order of some cheeses from Neal’s Yard Dairy and had it delivered to them.  There was some problem with the delivery but it did arrive just in time before they left London and they brought it for us.  It was much more than we thought and was very heavy!


We ordered Wigmore, Westcomb Chedder, Colston Basset Stilton and Stichilton.


As there was more cheese than we thought, I felt we should try and eat as much as we can so I decided to make it the main thing for tonight’s dinner and prepared salads like zucchini salad, lentil salad as well as some baked figs, San Daniele Ham & finocchio salami. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be enough but we enjoyed it very much with red wine and did get very full.


















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