Jamie’s Italian, Forum

遡って、昨日のディナー。義弟家族とあれこれ相談してあれこれ迷った末に、近くてカジュアルな Jamie’s Italian に行くことになりました。平日なので空いているかと思えば、案外混んでいました。

Going back to last night’s dinner, we discussed what to do and it took a while for us to decide but in the end we decided to go to Jamie’s Italian at Forum for a casual dinner.  I thought it would be quiet as it was a Tuesday night but it was quite busy.

前菜は、Ultimate Plank。2人分なのだと思いますが、5人で少しずつ。

We shared “Untimate Plank”.  I think it’s supposed to be for 2 but 5 of us shared it.






For the main, all the girls had Tagliatelle Bolognese.  I wasn’t able to finish mine.  My husband had Ravioli of potato & truffle and his brother had Italian Hot Pizza.  The pizza was very large and nearly a half was left so my husband took it to his office for lunch today.



Then my husband and I shared Chocolate Fondant.




My brother-in-law’s wife has been saying she wanted to go to a Gin Bar and we were going to go after this dinner, but the 2 men said they weren’t keen, so she gave up.  Next time!




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