Flower Class (Bouquet Oblique)

水曜日は午前中に月に1度伺っている Carpo のお花のクラスに伺いました。ほとんど毎回シャンペトルというスタイルのスパイラルに組む大きな花束を作っていますが、今回はオブリークといってスパイラルではなく平行にお花が斜めになるように組む花束。オブリークを組むのは、3度目でした。オブリークには茎の長い花材が必要で、このレッスンで使った花材はライラック、鶏頭、銅葉、バジル、レースフラワーでした。ライラックが入っていますが、色的には秋っぽい色合い。

I took a flower class at Carpo on Wednesday morning.  I almost always make a larger bouquet of flowers in a spiral fashion and in style called “Champetre” but the lesson was to make “bouquet oblique” this time.  I think this was my 3rd time to make this style.  The stems are not put together in a spiral fashion, they are pararel, the shape is sort of diagonal shape.  Used flowers were lilac, cockscomb, Thai basil, lace flowers and bronze leaves (?).  Although it has lilac, the colours look quite autumnal.







I hear that there were hardly any flowers that we would like to use in the flower market in the last couple of weeks and the teacher and the students have been struggling to find any, but a new batch came in on this day.  For my flower lesson, the teacher needs to get quite a lot of flowers and foliage so she was very worried if she could find enough.  A friend of mine, who takes lessons at Carpo but buys flowers herself (rather than using the flowers the teacher provides) told me she was at the flower market on the day before my lesson and also couldn’t find anything she wanted to use, so had no choice but to just use the flowers and foliage that she wasn’t so fond of.  I was very lucky!

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