Dinner At Ceylon Tea Trails / First Day


At Ceylon Tea Trails, there is no menu and they say the butler and the chef will come and discuss the menu and come up with something you like.  However, I felt they have a few sets of menu and the chef would suggest one to you that will suit him that day.  Each bungalow has only 4 or 5 rooms so I guess they cannot have a menu because they cannot make many different dishes just for a small number of customers.  Of course you can tell them your preference and they will try to accommodate it when they can.


So, on the day we arrived, the chef asked if it was OK for us to have Sri Lankan curry & rice.  Everyone else was having the same.  We did want to have Sri Lankan curry on our first day there, so that was fine with us.


I don’t know much about Sri Lankan curries, but from what we had last time and this time in Sri Lanka, I think their curries tend to be mostly dry and more like stir-fry than curry.  They do cook it more slowly than stir-fry but they don’t add a lot of liquid.  I think they used more kinds of spices in each dish than Indian curries.  They don’t seem to use a lot of oil so maybe more healthy than Indian curries but they do use a lot of coconut milk so some of them (like Daal) were heavier.



We had 7 different curries.  From the front, right one is beets, the left of that is cabbage, the middle row in the middle is daal, left of that is potato, right of that is chicken.  I cannot remember the other 2 curries.  Cabbage and daal were much too salty for me so I couldn’t eat much of them, the rest was OK but to be honest I wasn’t able to taste much spices in each curry.  I have read online that Sri Lankan curries taste better when they are freshly cooked and what we tasted after the cooking demonstration on the following day was very nice so maybe that’s it.  Not that they were bad, they just didn’t do much for us.  Maybe they were also too mild – we’d asked them for medium spicy when we were asked how we liked them but maybe we should have asked for spicy.




The dessert was something like Bread’n Butter Pudding, which was very nice.


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