Afternoon Tea At Ceylon Tea Trails


We left home at 7.30am on the day we headed for Ceylon Tea Trails.  I had a sandwich at the airport and did order lunch on the plane.  I very seldom eat plane food but Masala Dosa sounded good so I ordered it – but I was very disappointed, not enjoyable at all and the quantity wasn’t much either.  So we were quite hungry by the time we arrived at the hotel.


They serve afternoon tea between 4.00pm and 5.00pm (I think) so we asked them to bring it to our lounge.  To be honest, I was expecting something more elaborate but it’s not as if we can eat a lot, this was actually just about the right amount.  Cucumber sandwich, sable (I think?) , chocolate cake, scone, lemon tart.  I find scone even in expensive hotels are too dry, home baked ones are much better, but these were not bad.  The sable and the chocolate cake was delicious, too.





This is the afternoon tea we had on our 2nd day.  Cheese & tomato sandwich, banana bread, battonberg cake (I didn’t have this one), scone and lemon tart.  The sandwich wasn’t so nice (as the tomato was tasteless) but the banana bread was quite nice (it had a springy texture).  We didn’t have it on our 3rd day as we’d been eating too much!









The quantity was good when you feel a little peckish and you can  choose tea from about 10 different tea leaves including the tea leaves from their tea factory.








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