House of AnLi

今日は、お友達とサクッとランチをした後カードを作りましょう、ということで、近所のタングリンモールの House of AnLi でランチをしました。ランチセットがお得なようだったので、2人ともランチセットにしてみました。

I had a quick lunch with a friend then she came over to make cards.  We went to House of AnLi in Tanglin Mall as it’s convenient.  We both had their Lunch Set, which seemed a good value.


The soup was minestrone.  I prefer it to have more vegetables and cooked much longer until the vegetables are very soft.  The portion was pretty small, too.



The main was Linguini Carbonara but it wasn’t really carbonara.  In Italin they use Guanciale.  I didn’t expect them to use Guanciale because it’s not easy to get hold of and also it’s very expensive but I thought they would use Pancetta.  I don’t know if it was even bacon, we thought it was ham – not sure.  It also had lots of milk/cream and I couldn’t taste much of egg.  To me, carbonara should have plenty of egg.  As you can see, the sauce was very runny, too, and there was no black pepper, which I thought was a must.  It tasted fine but I would have called it “linguini with cream sauce with ham”.




Still, they both tasted fine and the set was S$24, which seems like a good value in this cafe.  We just had Ice Lemon Water (S2) so the bill was a little more than S$30 per person.


House of AnLi
#03-17 Tanglin Mall
163 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247933

Tel: 6235 3851






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