Ethnic Mince Pork Curry (Kamakura OXYMORON)


A little while ago, I saw a photo of “Ethnic Mince Pork Curry” from the restaurant OXYMORON in Kamakura that a friend uploaded to her Instagram and it looked delicious.  I found a recipe book of the restaurant, bought it, and tried making it tonight.  It’s called curry but is more like a rice dish – rice topped with mince pork seasoned with spices, fish sauce & sugar and herbs.


No Mitsuba available, but I added mint.  No shredded dried red pepper either (but this is only for decoration anyway), and I used lime instead of lemon.


It has cumin and coriander as spices so is a little different from a typical Thai dish but I think it basically tastes Thai.  It has lots of herbs like coriander and kaffia lime so a little similar to Laab (Thai salad) but much drier.  I don’t know if I would call this curry.  I didn’t have small green chillis so I used a red one – but I was worried about making it too spicy so used just 1 small one without seeds, I should have put more in as it wasn’t really spicy at all.  I also think it would have been nicer with peanuts – I didn’t have them so used cashew nuts and pine nuts only.  I did like the taste but both my husband and I tend to like more saucy dishes so this seemed a little too dry to our liking.  I think we would have enjoyed it more if it were one of a few dishes but on its on it’s too dry for us, we sort of got tired of it halfway through.  Maybe I put too much rice on, though.  It has a lot of herbs so I have a feeling more girls/ladies would like it than boys/men.  I have never been to this restaurant nor had this particular dish so I don’t know how close mine was to the real thing.  I changed a couple of ingredients so it might have been quite different.  Perhaps I should have used more herbs and nuts.









Loving the flowers!



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  1. Sarah M. says:

    おいしい! きれい花です。

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      Thank you!

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