Yakitori Taira & Osaka Kitchen


Recently, 2 friends of mine, separately, told me that there is a new Yakitori restaurant.  They both had been there and told me that they prefer Nanbantei but they thought we should try this new place once.


It’s called Taira and is in Japan Town in Wisma.  It was right in front of me when I took an escalator to one floor up from the taxi stand level.  It is very open so not private at all, it does have an atmosphere of a restaurant in a shopping mall, and was also smaller than I expected.  This restaurant is quite an expensive yakitori restaurant in Japan but I think they are much more casual and less expensive version here.


We ordered Cabbage (with Konbu), Gyoza, Deep-fried Tofu, Chicken Nanban, then a few yakitori/kushiyaki (chicken fillet with Japanese picked plum, mince chicken kebab, chicken thigh (no photo) and Asparagus & Bacon.


We probably waited for about 20 minutes before the cabbage was served, then it took forever to get the 2nd item.  It was quite busy but as I say it’s a very small place.  There is only 1 elderly guy cooking at the grilling section so I expected it’ll take him a while before he can serve us but didn’t expect to have to wait 40 or 50 minutes.  We also ordered Gyoza, deep-fried tofu and chicken nanban, which are all quite quick to cook and would be cooked by other people in the kitchen rather than on the grill so they should have been able to serve us earlier.  After waiting for 30 minutes or so my husband and I started to get quite impatient.  40 or 50 minutes after we ordered, finally grilled sticks started to arrive.


The couple who sat next to us on the counter table were served one stick after another but we didn’t get any for such a long time. I guess the guy was working according to the order of the orders but usually they would be more flexible and serve a few items to one table and some items to other table and go back and forth so nobody has to wait forever without any food.  Then other items arrived quite far apart.






We were told that these deep-fried tofu were already well seasoned but it was very very lightly seasoned and I only detected a little taste of dashi,





I’ve never seen such pale Chicken Nanban, it’s not very appetising.  The salad dressing for the salad was very good.



All the yakitori were quite good, I think the ingredients are good quality.  I don’t think I in general like heavy-seasoned food but it was all too lightly seasoned for me, I prefer a little more seasoning.


We were going to make some additional orders but the menu is quite small and we couldn’t wait for 30 more minutes for new order so we left after this.  We had 3 glasses of draft beer between 2 of us and the bill was S$70, which seems very inexpensive I must say.


When one of my friends was there they served about 5 different wrong items.  Today they didn’t make any such mistake, but I feel not many people are patient enough to wait for that long without food.  Also, my husband got there before me and he ordered 2 glasses of beer – he tried it in Japanese, then in English but the staff didn’t understand him.  Very strange.  The same staff took order from me for the food and I had no problem but the Singaporean guy who sat next to me was asking some question but the staff didn’t seem to understand him.  (I also have problem with understanding Singaporeans I must admit….).  He also wasn’t very smiley or friendly.


It’s a new restaurant so I guess they are still working on establishing the system etc so it’s probably the best to wait for a while until they get better at running it.

Yakitori Taira
4F Wisma Atria
435 Orchard Rd
Tel: 6262 3465


We hadn’t eaten enough but didn’t want to wait again so we decided to go to Osaka Kitchen just around the corner.  We thought we may not find seats as it’s a Friday night but there were a few seats available.  As it was a public holiday yesterday I guess many people are taking today off to get 4 days off and are away; the whole shopping mall looked relatively quiet.


We had Sobameshi and Goma-tofu and felt much better!  We also had a glass of beer each and the bill was about S$50.  So, together with Yakitori, it was S$120.



Osaka Kitchen
4F Wisma Atria
435 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238877

Tel:+65 6262 3271

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