Middle-Eastern Dinner


My husband requested me to cook Middle-Eastern dinner so that’s what I did today.  Kebab, hummous, green beans in tomato sauce, couscous salad, exotic sauce (just a mixture of tomato paste, harissa, cumin, lemon juice & olive oil).  They are all good in pita bread or turkish bread.  As there are quite a few dishes it takes a bit of time but they can be made hours in advance and all good for a few days so I like this type of menu.  I always make extra so we can have it on the next day for lunch.  I’ve been making them for probably almost 20 years, before Japanese knew anything about hummous.


My husband’s favourite is the kebabs.  I put various spices including cumin in mince beef and cook them in a frying pan.  Somehow you can eat more of them than you think, so I always make a large batch.  It goes with exotic sauce so well.  Green beans in tomato sauce is also one of the dishes everyone seems to love.


My husband was very happy with the dinner!









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