Nanbantei (Kushiyaki)


I had a feeling this may happen, but during the afternoon my husband booked Nanbantei for dinner for tonight – I guess he didn’t feel like cooking although he “usually” cooks on weekends.  (I think he books Nanbantei or Jamie’s Italian more and more often for Sundays these days, though.)  We ordered Edamame, Shiso-maki (I don’t like this one as the pork is too gamey for me but my husband likes it so I ask him to eat mine, too), tomato-maki, chicken balls, Okra-maki, sweet corn.  Then at the end I had garlic rice and my husband had sweet red bean dessert.  3 bottles of beer beer between 2 of us.


By some reason, I don’t often see Japanese customers in this restaurant and I was wondering if there were any looking around the restaurant, then I saw my friend and her family!  After a while I saw another friend and her family!  I was sitting at the corner of the restaurant at the counter so I wasn’t able to see them well.  The restaurant is divided into 2 rooms and each room isn’t very large so I was very surprised to see 2 friends and their families in one room!

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