Sichuan Dou Hua


I had lunch with a couple of friends at Sichuan Dou Hua at the Parkroyal Hotel On Beach Road.  A little while ago we had lunch at the Chinese restaurant in the Capella Hotel, dim sum was good but their Mapo Tofu was very disappointing and we wanted to have good Mapo Tofu, hence our visit here.


Stir-fried beef with black pepper.  Beef was very tender, not gamey at all and very nice.



Sitr-fried Choy Sum with oyster sauce.  We thought it needed more seasoning.



Gyoza with crispy layer.  This also needed a little more seasoning but it was good.



Mapo Tofu was as good as we remembered.  It was very spicy but we enjoyed it very much.


The yellow thing in a small plate beyond Mapo Tofu is Yamaimo (a kind of potato) marinaded in orange juice, we think.  It was quite unusual, we only ate 1 piece each…



We were planning to finish with some noodles but felt quite full so decided to just have dessert.  One of the friends and I had Tofu (warm bean curd dessert) – I was shocked it wasn’t sweet at all because what I have had in Hong Kong was always sweet, but this friend told me she never had a sweet one so I guess there are both types around.  I wanted it to be sweet so I asked them to give me some sugar syrup; after I added a little it was good.



Another friend had Mango pudding.



One of my friends had a Passion Card, which gave us 15% discount.  It was S$102 for 3 so S$34 per person – so inexpensive! (Tea is also charged here.)


Again it was 3.00pm when we left – we were the last customer.  We enjoyed chatting as well the food.

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