Massaman Curry


Today’s dinner was Vegetable & Cashew nuts Massaman Curry.  Usually I use chicken, potato and peanuts just as I learned at a cooking class run by a Thai lady, but today I used potato, pumpkin, onion, green beans, tomato & cashew nuts.  Using cashew nuts might be wrong but it’s not easy to get hold of raw peanuts and I love cashew nuts anyway.


However, I made a very basic mistake of using coconut cream instead of coconut milk and it was too late by the time I realised I had poured coconut cream.  Although I cooked it with Massman curry paste, it would not separate.  It was also naturally too thick for curry so I had to add extra water, which means that the ratio of coconut cream(milk) plus water vs Massaman curry paste wasn’t right.  I should have stir-fried extra curry paste and added it.  My husband said it was good and it wasn’t horrible but I believe Thai food should be “in your face”, it was more subtle than usual.  Using cashew nuts was a good idea, though.




It looks too thick but the taste was actually quite light.






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