Holiday In Cape Town & Eastern Cape / Carola Ann’s (Mossel Bay) – Great Find

旅行中のレストラン(カフェ)で The Pot Luck Club と同じくらい美味しくてとても印象に残っているのは、ケープタウンからガーデン・ルートを通ってサファリ先に向かう途中でランチに寄った「Carola Ann’s」というカフェ。

There is another cafe, where we had as delicious food as at The Pot Luck Club and that is “Carola Ann’s” in Mossel Bay.  Totally different type of a place, very casual, but just as good.


Incidentally, I booked a few restaurants that I felt might be hard to book closer to the time well in advance for our holiday this time, but I was told many times that October is a quiet time so for other days we just did a walk in and we never had a problem, we were always able to get a table.

Carola Ann’s というカフェは、トリップアドバイサーではMossel Bay のレストランの中で一番に選ばれているカフェですが、オーナーでありシェフのご主人がシリア出身だそうで中近東の様子を取り入れたメニューでした。

This Carola Ann’s is ranked as the best restaurant/cafe in Mossel Bay.  The chef’s husband (who own the cafe) is from Syria so their food has Middle-Eastern influence.








We both chose from Sandwiches and I had “Arabian spiced Chicken, Hummus, Middle Easttern Cole Slaw, pink Pickles, Chermoula Mayo and spicy seeds and chose the Ciabatta Roll as the bread.  A little before we had lunch here, my husband had a very bad Ciabatta sandwich, the bread was just so chewy he had a lot of trouble chewing it.  However, this one was not chewy at all, it had a great texture.  The filling was delicious and had just the right amount of it.  Ingredients were all super fresh and you could tell the chef thought of every element carefully.  It was just so delicious.



My husband chose a Wrap with “Seared Ostrich strips, Caramelised onions and mushrooms, Avocado, fresh Tomato, mint yoghurt, Garden Greens and Vegetables”.  There was quite a lot of filling and he had trouble eating it without letting it fall apart, I think, but he said it was excellent, too.




This was the sort of lunch we love!!  Not complicated, delicious, light.  Also, can you see how inexpensive they are on the menu?  All the sandwiches are about 580 yen or 7 Singapore dollars!  Even a proper main dish is about 780 yen, less than 10 Singapore dollars!  Wine and food was really inexpensive.



Carola Ann’s
12 Church Street
Mossel Bay 6506, South Africa

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