I was able to sleep like a normal person on holiday – sleeping from 10.00 or 11.00pm until around 8.00am every night.  A big reason for this I think is because I don’t go on computer at night on holiday, so now we are back I tried to go back to sleep when I slept from 11.30pm and woke up around 1.30am, staying in bed having my eyes closed, but I finally gave up after about an hour and came to the Study hoping I’ll be sleepy again after watching some Youtube videos.  It’s 4.30am now…


We went to Nanbantei for dinner last night.  These days I’m usually fine about food on holidays but this time halfway through I missed our usual meals, spicy food, Asian food, big salads etc because we found the menu in most restaurants too much the same.  I remember saying to my husband “I wish I can eat rice and Japanese pickles…”.  Not that we lost our appetite so much, we were still eating enough and put ona lot of weight.


So, we enjoyed Nanbantei last night.  Mini tomatoes, okura with pork, shiso with pork, sweet corn, gyoza, black pork salad.  I would have liked garlic rice but I didn’t because I must get rid of what I gained on holiday, we ordered another dish of gyoza instead.  Black pork salad was on their “special menu” so we tried it but it wasn’t good, the only dish we didn’t enjoy.  We enjoyed everything else.  About S$50 per person including 3 bottles of beer.


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