Holiday In Cape Town & Eastern Cape / Pomodoro, Italian Restaurant (Wilderness) – Nice Pizza

Shamwari Private Game Reserve からケープタウンに向かう途中1泊した「Wilderness」という街では、ホテルにチェックインしてからまだ明るい時間にレストランが固まっているところをブラブラし、「Pomodoro」というイタリアンレストランの中を覗いてみたところピザ窯の窯があったのでピザはおいしいだろうということで予約をいれました。1時間後に戻ると土曜日だったこともあり、レストランは地元の家族連れやご夫婦などたくさんの人で賑わっていてとても良い雰囲気でした。

After leaving the Shamwari Game Reserve, we headed back to Cape Town, staying in Wilderness for a night on the way.  We went out to where the restaurants were, looked at them and their menus to try and choose.  We saw a pizza oven in the Italian restaurant “Pomodoro” and assumed  that this meant their pizza should be good so decided to have dinner there and booked a table.  When we went back about an hour later, as it was a Saturday evening, the restaurant was full with local families and couples and had a very good vibe.


I cannot remember what pizza this was, it was Parma Ham and something… but we shared it.  It wasn’t small and we thought it was enough but as you can see it’s quite a thin, light and tasty, so we wished we’d had one each.  However, we’d been eating too much for quite a long time by now, sowe didn’t order another pizza but just shared a dessert (chocolate semifredo), which was also very nice.









George Road
Wilderness, Western Cape
South Africa


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