Stir-Fried Mince Pork With Basil


Although we did look at some Thai restaurants during the holiday, they didn’t seem authentic, their menu had lots of “Is this Thai?  Looks like Chinese…” type of dishes, which didn’t attract us.  Peri Peri chicken is a little spicy but it seemed like they didn’t like spicy food very much.  Cape Malay curry wasn’t spicy at all either, apparently their curry has lots of spices but no hot spicy ones like chillis.  The famous dish of curry in a dish of bread wasn’t spicy at all either, it was actually very sweet.

ということで、今日の夕食はガッパオ(豚ミンチのバジル炒め)、目玉焼き付き。お野菜がほとんどなくて(ロンググリーンビーンズだけ)余り体に良くはなさそうな気はしますが、旅行中、アジアの味もスパイシーな味もほとんどなかったので、タイ料理が食べたくて。ミンチは1人100グラムなので(辛くて濃い味付けなのでご飯と食べますし、目玉焼きもあるのでこれで十分満足します)お肉の量は少なめですよね。日本のミンチみたいに脂が余り入っていません (ここは豚も牛もミンチはほとんど赤みです)昨日たくさんお野菜食べたし。って、誰に言い訳しているんでしょうか(笑)。

So, I decided to cook Thai – Stir-fried mince pork with basil with a sunn-side-up.  There is hardly any vegetables here (only some long green beans) so probably not so good for us but I really wanted to have spicy Thai food, I’ve been craving for it.  We use only 100g mince pork per person, not so much, right?  Mince pork here is quite dry comparing to that in Japan, where there is a lot of at.  We had lots of salads yesterday, too.  I don’t know whom I’m trying to justify myself to!


Finally had spicy food!  It was yummy.







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