Holiday In Cape Town & Eastern Cape / Table Mountain


This time I won’t write about my holiday from the beginning to the end, I think I’ll write at random (though maybe by theme up to certain extent).  I think it’s easier to write from the beginning to the end like Day 1, Day 2, etc, but a bit boring.


The place most visited in Cape Town must be Table Mountain by far.  Table Mountain is called so because of it’s shape, it’s apparently 1085 meter high.  I read that it has good hiking courses and many people climb up or walk down the mountain but you can also take a cable car.  We took the “cableway”, of course.


The Table Mountain Cableway stops operating often because of strong winds or some other weather conditions and I think they often have strong wind in Cape Town (it wasn’t operating on the day after we went because of the wind).  Therefore you should go up at the first opportunity you can.


I read that you should book tickets in advance online so you don’t have to queue up to purchase tickets, so that’s what we did – but it was a huge mistake.  You can choose to go in the morning or afternoon and we booked afternoon because we were told it was likely to be quieter then.  You can use the afternoon ticket from 1.00pm so we got there a little before 1.00pm and found a long long queue on “those who have booked tickets online” queue!  The one for those who haven’t booked had nobody queueing so I think we could have get on straight away if we hadn’t booked.    It was such a hot day with very harsh sun, and as you can see there were no clouds.  There was some shade up to certain point but it was still very tiring.  I think we queued at least for 30 minutes.  We were told that it wasn’t busy time with visitors in Cape Town, but it was a beautiful day (though too hot for me) and there really aren’t that many places to go to right in Cape Town so I guess it’s always busy.



The cableway was sort of a round shaped and the floor rotated not quite 360 degrees during the journey up and down but almost that much.  Here is a photo I took of the other cableway (there were 2 operating at the same time) from the cableway up high).



The view from the top of Table Mountain is breathtakingly beautiful!  The photos don’t show even 1/10 of the real beauty.  I don’t remember why but I have no photos taken with my big camera, I guess I either left it in the car (hiding it properly) or I forgot to change the lens from 50mm to wide.  Such a shame!  So these are taken with my iPhone.  Both the greens and the blue sea looked much brighter than the photos are showoing, really beautiful.

写真を撮った時は気づいていなかったのですが、たまたま鮮やかな鳥が2羽、飛んでいるところが撮れていました。調べてみたところ、redwinged starling という鳥のようです。

When  took this photo, I didn’t see these birds with bright red wings.  I searched online and they seem to be “red-winged starlings”.








As the top of the mountain is flat, I would have liked to take time and walk around and enjoy the view but as I say it was such a hot day without clouds and the sun was just so strong, we couldn’t stay for long.  If we visit Cape Town again, I would love to go up the mountain again when it’s cooler – maybe at sunset because the cable ways do run until then.  I guess it’ll be very busy?  It must be so beautiful, though.

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