Holiday In Cape Town & Eastern Cape / Table Mountain (2)


I took so many photos – as usual on holidays – so I haven’t been doing well with my holiday report…


Although I uploaded some photos of the views from Table Mountain, I forgot to upload photos of Table Mountain itself.


This is it.  You can see why it’s called Table Mountain.  Apparently, such a cloud over the top of Table Mountain is called a Table Cloth.


こちらは、テーブルマウンテンが一番綺麗に見えるということでわざわざ行った、Blouberg Beach。ケープタウンの街中から車で2、30分だと思います。2週間の旅行中で雨が降ったのは2日、曇りの日もあったと思いますがほとんどがとても良いお天気で景色はとても良かったのですが、日差しが強すぎて暑すぎる日もありこの日も暑くてゆっくりビーチで海と山を眺めることは出来ず、車から降りて写真を撮ってB&Bに戻りました(笑)。でも、きれいな景色が見られて良かったです。

This is from Blouberg Beach, where you are supposed to be able to have the best view of Table Mountain.  We drove there just for a few shots of it.  I think it was 20 or 30 minutes from the town.  Out of 2 weeks on holiday we had 2 days of rain (or less, and it didn’t rain all day) and I guess we had some cloudy days but most of the days were very sunny.  This meant the scenery was so beautiful – blue sky, blue sea – but it was quite uncomfortable to be out where there was no shade.  It was such a day this day so we got out of the car, took a few photos, then went back in the car and drove back.  We were very lucky to be able to see such beautiful scenery, though.  I was happy to see it from inside the car or indoors, where it was cool.






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