Penne With Chorizo, Zuccini & Tomato


As I have written in my last post, I didn’t go to a supermarket for getting things for dinner, so I just cooked a simple pasta and a salad.  The pasta sauce is quite quick to make, it’s done while Penne is being cooked.  I just sauteed garlic, onion, then added chorizo.  After the oil came out of chorizo I added zucchini (courgette), a little tin tomato (left in the fridge) and a couple of very small tomatoes, dried chilli flakes, salt & pepper.  When the penne was cooked, I added it to the sauce with just a little cooking water, poured some new olive oil.  Some grated Parmisiano Reggiano on top.  Done.


I have made garlic, onion, chorizo & tomato pasta a few times but adding zucchini was a good idea, I liked its crispy texture.  I think it’s good without tin tomatoes but my husband prefers more saucy sauce for pasta so I used it.




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