Handmade Christmas Cards


A friend came to make some Christmas cards today.  She’s made cards a few times before and they were quite unusual cards but she told me she wanted to make more “normal cards”.  She chose these cards to make.  You heat-emboss the message (that is arranged in a round bouble shape), colour the bouble with special type of watercolour paint (it’s called Fine Tec Pearlescent Colours, which has pearlescent shine), put on a ribbon and draw a line with a white pen.

参考にしたのは、カードを作り始めた頃からずっと拝見している Kristina Werner さんこちらのカード。わたしの写真では光っているのがわからないのですが、Kristina さんのビデオの最後の方でカードを傾けているところがあり、それを見るときれいに光るのがわかります。

The inspiration is these cards of Kristina Werener, I’ve been watching her videos since I started making cards.  The photos don’t show much of the shine but in her video you can see how shiny it is when she tilts a card.







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