Pasta alla Norma



Last night’s dinner my husband cooked was Pasta (Penne) alla Norma.  It’s a tomato sauce with aubergine..My husband used some sugar to reduce the acidity but it was still quite sour.  As I read that one of the main causes of cancers is tin tomatoes I’ve been trying to reduce the use of tin tomatoes (we use a lot of them) and change to paper packed ones, but I’m wondering if that is the reason it was so sour.  There is only 1 kind I can buy online here and maybe it’s not good quality.  Quality of tomatoes in these tins or cartons varies a lot.  I feel those in jars are better and I do sometimes buy Passata in jars but they come in large jars and we cannot use one up quickly enough usually and let it get mouldy in the fridge.  I must try and find good alternative…




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  1. ええ〜、そうなの?


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      1. Noodle says:


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