Galette Des Rois


Galette Des Rois, which is eaten on the 6th January in France, has become very popular and known by many in Japan.  Japanese love seasonal food and “available only this time” sort of things.  Maybe also because it has a little cute thing called “fève” baked inside it which appeals to Japanese?


Last year I bought a couple of slices from a well-known chain bakery/cafe in Singapore but it was awful, the filling was very eggy and totally wrong.  This year, I ordered a whole cake from Providore and ate it after warming it up.  The pie was very light and crispy, filling was quite strongly flavoured with some alcohol (rum?), not too sweet, very light.



My husband’s portion had the fève, so he is going to be the lucky one this year.  What is this?  First I thought it was a cookie with white icing on top but …



Is this the top side?  What is the little red thing?  Maybe a cake with some jam filling and the red dot is a decoration?


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