Jypsy – New P.S.Cafe (Supposedly Japanese)


It’s already February!  Already a month has gone this year.

今日は、比較的最近出来た P.S.Cafe の「Jypsy」に行って見ました。ジャパニーズとなっていますが、ジャパニーズ・フュージョンですね。

We tried a relatively new place, “Jypsy”, one of the P.S.Cafe group restaurants for dinner today.  It is supposed to be Japanese food.

Silky Tofu Crunch。こちらのお豆腐はすごく柔らかくてお箸では掴めないか、日本の木綿よりずっと硬いか。これは、柔らかくて掴めない。そして、海苔が臭いです。なぜシンガポールのレストランで出てくる海苔は、こうも魚臭いのでしょう。ドレッシングがまたとても甘い。世界的な傾向なのか、甘過ぎると思うものがどこのレストランでもよく出てきます。もう少しさっぱりしたドレッシングの方が好み。

Silky Tofu Crunch.  Tofu in Singapore is either so soft that you cannot hold it with chopsticks, or very hard, much harder than Momen in Japan.  This one was very soft, so was very hard to eat with chopsticks from a plate.  And the shredded nori (seaweed) was so strongly fishy!  I wasn’t able to eat it.  The dressing was very very sweet, much too sweet.  It seems the trend all over the world but people seem to prefer sweet flavour even for savory.  I prefer a lighter flavour.




Beef Slider.  The buns were very soft and fluffy and sweet and the sauce was also very sweet.  To me this was too sweet as well, but it was enjoyable enough.


スパイシーポークボール。全くスパイシーではなかったです。Chipotle というチリが使われているはずなのですけどね。でも、豚肉は臭くなく、それなりに美味しかったです。上からかけてるふりかけが余計ですが。ふりかけ、流行りみたいでどこでもかけてありますよね。

Spicy pork balls – which were actually not spicy at all.  Chipotle is supposed to be used but I could not taste it.  Still, the pork wasn’t gamy so they were enjoyable with the sauce.  However, why furikake?  It’s another trendy thing and I get it much too often in so many restaurants.



Nest of fries.  The mayo sauce with wasabi was quite nice.  The fries were, for me, too thinly sliced.  I know that they are very crunchy because they are so thin and I do like the crunchyness but I couldn’t taste any potato because they are so thin and also that makes them oily and heavy.




So, we had another trouble here.  Why have we been having so much problem in restaurants recently?  We ordered “Udon Goreng” and when it came it had loads of dried bonito (fish) flakes all over it.  We told the staff that there was no mention of dried bonito in the menu, she told me it is mentioned there, but when we read the menu again there was no mention of bonito.  She asked us if we wanted them to make a new batch, so we said yes please.  We waited and waited.  After at least 20 minutes, probably longer, it finally came – with the strong smell of dried bonito!  While we were waiting we were jokingly saying that someone must be picking off all the bonito flakes but it looks like that was what they did.  As I say it was so strongly smelling of it, so I put my glasses on and looked at it closely and found lots of tiny bonito flakes all over. What if I were very badly allergic?  We told them to cancel it as by then we were feeling quite full.  They still insisted that they had made it fresh again!  Then how to explain why there is a lot of tiny bonito bits all over it?


Anyway, we didn’t want to waste our energy getting upset about it, so we moved on.  We ordered 2 desserts and shared.  None of the dessert choices appealed to us very much but we wanted something because the dinner was on the small side, so we ordered Banana & Chocolate Mousse and Cream Puff with apple pie flavour.  They were much nicer than we were expecting – in fact they were very good.  The best items we had this evening, I would say.


Choc Banana mousse and vanilla ice cream.  The mousse was quite gooey and delicious.



I loved this cream puff, too.  The puff was crispy, the cream wasn’t too sweet or too heavy.





Next Chinese Year is the year of the Pig, so this tree is full of pigs.





The lighting was strange, too bright and too white but the place was full of people and had quite a good vibe.  Food was just so so but the dessert was very good.  I think we might go back.


It’s February, so we had wine!  We shared a bottle of white wine and a small bottle of sparkling water and the bill was S$172 (a little less than a half of which was the wine).


No.38 Martin Road, Singapore 239072
Tel: +65 8188 6177

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