Steak Night (Cooked With Anova)


Tuesday and Wednesday next week are Chinese New Year holidays here in Singapore.  Monday is a half day in my husband’s office but he took the half day off so he’ll have 5 days off.  It seems like a waste not to use the 5 days for going away, but Chinese New Year is a very expensive time to travel and everywhere is busy with lots of children, so we’d rather stay home most of the time.  This year is the same, we’ll have a relaxing 5 days at home.

今日夫が作ってくれた夕食は、久しぶりにステーキ。低温調理器(Anova)を使っています。ビーフは、Huber’s で今回はアメリカ産のサーロインを試してみました。夫はこちらの方が好きだそう。わたしは、やはりリブアイの方が味が美味しいと思います。このサーロイン、臭みはないものの味もない感じですし、食感がややざらついた感じでした。3センチほどの厚みで切ってもらい、6割夫、4割わたし、くらいでしょうか。わたしは半分くらいしか食べられずでした。もともとお肉の塊はあまり食べられない方ですが、最近は更に食べられなくなりました。たまに好みのがあたると、もっと食べますが。アメリカ産のサーロインの脂は外側にしかないので、赤身です。残った半分は、明日サンドイッチにします。

Today’s dinner my husband cooked was steak!  He cooked it using Anova (Low Temperature Cooking Equipment).  We bought US sirloin in Huber’s today rather than our usual Ribeye.  My husband liked this more because it’s easy to eat but I still prefer Ribeye for the flavour, this sirloin didn’t have so much flavour and I wasn’t very keen on the texture which seems somehow grainy.  It has a layer of fat but is mostly lean.  We asked them to slice in about 3cm and my husband took about 60% and I had about 40% (or maybe more like 55% and 45%).  I had only about a half of my portion.  I was never a big meat eater but I eat less now when it’s a lump of meat.


Side dishes were Potato Dauphinoise and broccoli.




We bought this wine in Hong Kong – not at the airport but in a shop in the city as Hong Kong doesn’t add any tax.  It’s actually cheaper in the city than at the airport.  We enjoyed it.


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