Picnic At Home

連休2日目の今日の夕食は、お家ピクニック。昨日 Huber’s で買ったサラミやお惣菜数種類とチーズですませました。お休みだと2人ともお料理をさぼりたくなります。

2nd day of the 5 days weekend.  We had “Picnic At Home” for dinner.  We bought salami and a few packed salads at Huber’s yesterday so we didn’t have to cook today.  We tend to feel lazy when we have a long weekend like this.


We bought Macaroni Salad, Beet Coleslaw and Couscous Salad as well as finocchio salami.  The salads were all sweet but Beet coleslow and Couscous salad were specially sweet.  I must say I was thinking “I should have made them” but the whole point was that we didn’t have to cook.  They were OK but I doubt if we’ll buy them again.  We also had some foie gras, mini tomatoes, rocket salad and cheese.


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