5連休の真ん中。今日はわたしは美容院に行かなくてはいけなかったので、夫とデンプシーのP.S.Cafe でランチに待ち合わせました。中の様子が少し変わっていて、入り口の近くにあったケーキスタンドなどが並んでいたところがなくなって奥にバーが出来ていました。バーの部分は良い感じですが、以前ケーキスタンドが並んでいたところがなんだかさみしい感じでした。いつもはほとんどが欧米人のお客さんですが、今日は地元の人が多かったように思います。

We are in the middle of my husband’s 5 days weekend.  I needed to go to the hairdresser’s this morning so my husband and I met for lunch afterwards at P.S.Cafe in Dempsey.  The inside has changed a little, there is a bar the far end of the cafe and the area where there were cakes in cake stands has gone.  The bar area looks nice but the area where cakes were on counters looks a bit bare.  The majority of their customers are usually westerners but there were many local customers today. Probably an effect of Chinese New Year.






I had “Big Breakfast”, I haven’t had this for a long time.  I chose poached eggs and pork sausages.  It was really big and I wasn’t able to finish everything.



My husband had the same except that he chose fried eggs – but the egg yolks were completely hard.




It seems a shame not to go anywhere when we have 5 days off, but there just isn’t anywhere you want to go in Singapore, unlike other countries we’ve lived, so we just got back home after the brunch.  It was so hot outside!





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