Dinner At “Skai”


We thought we had “as many as 5 days off” but it just flew away.

昨日は、SKAI でディナーをいただきました。少し前に行ったところですが印象が良かったので。

We had dinner at SKAI yesterday.  We were there about 6 weeks ago but we had a good impression so we went back.





For starter my husband ordered what he had last time – Foie Gras.  He likes it very much.



I ordered Burrata cheese with fennel & blood orange salad.  I’m not very keen on Burrata cheese because it’s too creamy for me, but the salad sort of got rid of that creamy taste because the dressing was quite acidic.  It made it easier for me to eat but I wasn’t sure if it worked because, well, you couldn’t really taste the cheese.



When I booked this restaurant, we didn’t know that my husband would be cooking steaks on Saturday.  The trouble is that they don’t have a lot of anything else other than steak here, so it was a bit of a problem for me as I wasn’t keen to have steak again so soon.  I almost decided to have a cauliflower dish but in the end we thought it’s probably very boring so I ended up having steak again.  Same as last time – Saga fillet.  I chose green pepper sauce, but it was very creamy and rich, too rich for me because the Saga beef fillet is quite rich with marbled fat, I would have been happier with a lighter sauce but they don’t seem to have any. Anyway, I did enjoy it.  I couldn’t finish it so I had to ask my husband to help me, though.


For side dishes, we ordered hand-cut chips & Savoy Cabbage and shared.



My husband also ordered the same steak as the last time – US fillet.



For dessert we shared Tropical Trifle.  It wasn’t at all like Trifle but I quite liked it as you get a few different textures.  It’s very light so I think we could have ordered one each.



With a bottle of sparkling water and a bottle of red wine, the total bill was S$537.   I still get shocked how expensive restaurants are in Singapore.

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