Nabe (Japanese Hot Pot)


Today’s dinner was Nabe (Japanese Hot Pot).  It’s been a while since we had it.  My husband also likes it but it’s so hot here that we get all sweaty even with the aircon on so I don’t feel like having it very often.


I used Japanese leek, carrot (I used a peeler to “slice” it very thinly so it cooks quickly), Iceberg lettuce (neither my husband nor I like Chinese cabbage very much so I started to use lettuce – I like the crispy texture, even after cooking), Tofu (2 kinds, I froze one and defrostsed it and the other is fresh, both silken tofu), chicken balls (I minced chicken thigh, added garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sake, mirin, coriander leaves, green onion).  I sometimes buy some mushrooms but my husband isn’t keen on them, he thinks Shimeji & enoki look strange) so I didn’t buy any this time.  Usually I make dashi (stock) with konbu (and sake) but I used chicken stock this time.  I buy a carton of chicken stock but once you open it you need to use it quickly.  There was almost a whole carton of it in the fridge so I decided to use it.  When you have steamboat we use chicken stock so I thought it shouldn’t be strange, and it was fine.


My husband isn’t keen on Ponzu (a soy sauce based sauce with some vinegar or citrus juice) so I prepare sesame sauce.  I use a store-bought sesame sauce as a base and add tahini, tobanjan (chilli paste), garlic, soy sauce, mirin & vinegar.  We then add chopped green oinon and coriander laaves as we like to our bowl of sauce.  Phew!  I’m so full, I ate too much!



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