Hoi An Trip / Day 2 / Lunch At Riverside Cafe (Anantara Hotel)


The 2nd day in Hoi An.  It was pretty hot and we didn’t feel like walking to the old town.  Besides, after breakfast, I was reading a book for a while then fell asleep and it was nearly 1.00pm when I woke up, so we decided to be lazy and have lunch in the hotel.


Banana flower salad.  It was too sweet and too much seasoning for me.  The red bits are dried beef, which had texture like Japanese dried squid and very very sweet.  I wish they used less sugar.




Chicken Pho, which was also sweet.  I liked Pho in Hanoi best.  Apparently, Pho in middle of Vietnam is sweet.




Stir-fried noodles.  There were choices for protein, sauce, noodle and we chose pork, flat noodle and lemon grass & ginger sauce, we squeezed lime juice over.  This one was very nice.


In my limited experience, starters are very good in Vietnamese cuisine but stir-fried main dished tend to be nearly Chinese but not quite – and Chinese tastes better in Hong Kong than in Vietnam.  However, I enjoyed this one very much, I guess because lemongrass, fresh ginger and lime juice made it seem more Vietnamese, there were lots of vegetables and the seasoning was just right.







My sister had Watermelon juice and I had Mango juice.  This Mango juice was made of not-ripe mango, it wasn’t very nice…





We shared a bottle of sparkling water and it was about US$50.  It is rather expensive here in a hotel.




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